Pilates Yoga Studio of St Louis
Pilates Yoga Studio of St Louis
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Our fun, unique cardiovascular workout combines dance, martial arts and yoga with world music to stimulate the body, mind, spirit, and emotions. Enjoy the elements of tai chi, Tai Kwon Do, aikido, modern dance, jazz, yoga and more in one fun, invigorating hour! Open to all levels.


Ditch the workout, and join the party. Zumba is a Latin dance inspired cardio workout. You’ll have fun, burn calories and learn some new moves! Athletic apparel recommended. No dance experience required.


Kettlebells are cannonball-like weights. Learn how to lift them using natural momentum with proper posture and alignment. This guided workout takes you through a progressive series of movements that burn fat while increasing your strength, cardio, balance and flexibility. It offers maximum results in minimum time. Achieve strength without bulk, and develop lean, agile muscles.