Pilates Yoga Studio of St Louis
Pilates Yoga Studio of St Louis
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Pilates is a precise, body-transforming series of exercises that lengthen and strengthen, as well as upping your balance, stability and mobility. Anyone can benefit: newbies, elite athletes, aging folks, people interested in weight loss and those seeking a new challenge. It’s completely absorbing--you have to work your mind to work your body with Pilates—which creates flow and de-stresses you. You’ll float out the door after an hour-long class or lesson—and have to adjust your rear-view mirror, because you’ll be sitting taller in the car!

We teach a very classical form of Pilates, which targets the body’s core abdominal muscles and movement from both ends, deepening breathing, making a connection with the pelvic floor, and isolating the spine into upper, middle and lower zones that can be separated and strengthened so arms and legs move independently and with more strength.

The founder, Joe Pilates, moved with zest throughout his life (he died of smoke inhalation in a fire at 86). Athletes love it because Pilates prevents injuries in daily life and/or sports, which often occur because you overcompensate for core weakness in another part of your body. It improves cardio fitness without pounding the joints, and activates every muscle in your body so it burns calories more efficiently and moves with grace.

We offer three forms of Pilates:

Pilates Reformer/Equipment Classes

Joseph Pilates created all of the Pilates equipment to act as additional muscles to aid the body on its path to health. The Pilates Reformer accesses the weak or underused areas of your body to uniformly build alignment, muscular balance, and aerobic, flowing movement. We recommend you start with a 6-week session of Introduction to Pilates or private instruction.

Every Monday, you can try an Equipment Class for free-just call 314.781.5050 or 636.536.2222 to claim your spot in the 4-6 person class.

Pilates Individual (Private) Sessions

One-on-one training provides the quickest, most effective way to get that little extra push to motivate and transform yourself, by focusing on your unique needs, injuries, or chronic concerns. Can be used as an initial evaluation and base to learn the fundamentals of the Pilates method.

Pilates Mat Classes

Incredible portable Pilates Mat is the hardest form of the exercises, since you are shifting your own body weight without assistance; but you learn fun and refreshing moves to lengthen and strengthen your body from your core with life-long progressions for balanced strength.

Align your posture, stand taller and increase balance and flexibility and you will move like a dancer through life. See fastest results when you attend twice a week. Whether you are new or more experienced, you will be challenged. This class will teach you a classic, proven routine for lifelong fitness and results. Includes exploration of the Magic circle, foam rollers, fitballs and straps.