Pilates Yoga Studio of St Louis
Pilates Yoga Studio of St Louis
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Pilates Instructor Education


Interested in becoming a comprehensively-trained Pilates Instructor?

A new complete and comprehensive Pilates Instructor Education program of study began in August of 2011 at Pilates + Yoga Studio in St Louis, MO.

This course consists of lecture and practicum, and satisfies the Pilates Method Alliance standards for Pilates Instructor training. Pilates Training Phases contains a course outline.

If you enjoy Pilates fitness and have an interest in teaching the method, see Pilates Training Program and Pilates Training Q&A . Then call Mary J Brown at (314) 372-9328 or e-mail at training@pilatesyogastudio.com.

To see the training dates and times starting February 2014  Click Here